The Hardware

As seen in Figure 5, the front of the printer has the 250-sheet pull-out paper tray, a manual feed guide, and the handle which opens to reveal the toner cartridge. Figure 6 shows the front of the printer with the door open.

Samsung ML-2525W Laser Printer ReviewFigure 5: The front of the ML-2525W.

Samsung ML-2525W Laser Printer ReviewFigure 6: Front with open door.

The top of the printer, shown in Figure 7, has the document output tray, the output support, and the control panel. As you can see, even with the output support unfolded, the printer is still compact. The control panel has two lights and three buttons.

Samsung ML-2525W Laser Printer ReviewFigure 7: Top of the printer.

The lights indicate the status of the wireless connection and the error status with different colors and blinking indicate things like a paper jam, toner cartridge status, and paper out. Unfortunately, when one light is used for so many functions, it is non-intuitive. You must use the user manual to determine what each light means. Also, light status can represent multiple situations. So if the red light is on, it is up to the user to determine if the cover is open, the paper is out, the toner cartridge is low, or there is a major error.

There are three buttons below the lights. The first prints a demo page. The second is a cancel button that stops the current print job, and the third is the power button. We love having the cancel button and it is even a little more useful on this printer because if you press and hold it down for about 10 seconds, the printer will print our a machine report which can help with troubleshooting and also gives a usage count and the exact amount of toner remaining. We, however, didn’t really understand the usefulness of the demo button. Seems like Samsung could have put that button to better use.

If you do need more information, you can access the user guide from the icon that Samsung installs in your system tray. While this can be useful, we are becoming a little aggravated by the number of programs like this that wind up in the startup menu, adding to the computers boot time.

The back of the printer, shown in Figure 8, sports a network port, a USB port, and the power receptacle. On the back you also see the handle for the rear cover, which can be opened for clearing paper jams. The bottom of the back of the printer jets out creating a sort of bump that makes the printer a little deeper, but it is still pretty compact.

Samsung ML-2525W Laser Printer ReviewFigure 8: Back of the printer.


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