Connectivity and Multitasking

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is not available without 3G. If the intention is to carry it everywhere you go, it is better to be connected full-time in order to take full advantage of all features.Besides 3G, the tablet comes equipped with Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n and features Bluetooth 3.0 for file transfer and communication with external devices such as headsets.The web browser loads sites quickly, especially when connected via Wi-Fi. It is easy to synchronize the device with email, regardless of ISP or server type.We can define the Galaxy Tab as a wireless modem for PCs and share our Internet connection via USB cable. Or we can use the tablet as a wireless router and share its 3G Internet connection with five other devices via Wi-Fi functionThe Samsung Galaxy Tab is definitely a multitasking device. We left several applications open at the same time and switched between them without performance loss or crashes.Android 2.2 supports multitasking and so does the Samsung Galaxy Tab. If we press the Home button when using an application, we are led back to the home screen while the application keeps on running in the background.This means we can listen to music while surfing the Internet and checking our emails. That is, we can leave our most frequently used programs open at the same time, without the hassle of loading and closing.On the Home screen find the Task Manager button, where we can see what applications are running at the time, find out how much memory is being used and the percentage of processor. There we can also close applications in use. At the top of the screen there are tabs that let us know the amount of storage space used, the total amount of RAM in use and all applications downloaded. That is, this is a great management tool that shows us what the Tab has been doing.