Flash Support and Keyboard

We can watch virtually any video content on the web from a browser on the Galaxy Tab due to the Flash support, which is already installed.We watched videos in Flash and the loading completed smoothly. The content was paused, advanced, returned and played again without any problem. Overall, the videos ran well, but Flash makes web surfing slower.The Samsung Galaxy Tab will be preferred by those who are not enthusiastic about other tablets that do not support the Flash format.Galaxy Tab’s virtual keyboard highlights the letters and the device vibrates as we gently press each letter. Typing fast is not an easy task because the keyboard is narrow (due to the size of the screen) and these features help improve typing.There are two text input methods available: Samsung Keypad (default)—an on-screen QWERTY keypad that can be used in both portrait and landscape orientation; and Swype—a new way to enter text on touch screens. Instead of tapping each key, use your finger to trace over each letter of a word.

To correct a word or phrase, we can use a cursor that can be slid to any point in the word or phrase that must be corrected.