Operating System

The Samsung Galaxy Tab comes with the Android 2.2 OS, also known as Froyo. This software was developed for use in smart phones and some menus still refer to the tablet as a phone. The system is intuitive and very easy to use, and has adapted perfectly to the new screen size of 7 inches.Along with Froyo, there is the familiar interface of the Samsung TouchWiz, which works very well in the Galaxy Tab. There is plenty of room for all applications that the user needs and enough space between them to avoid touching the wrong application icon by accident. A large number of applications are being adapted for the 7-inch screen and the user experience is getting better with all that space to use.Still, some applications do not support the Tab’s screen resolution of 1024 x 600. In this case, the application will run at its maximum resolution centered on the screen, with black spaces around it.The screen orientation is sometimes a little slow and confusing, making the screen horizontal when it should be vertical, especially when you hold the Tab Galaxy at an angle.Its processor is 1.0 GHz, but we noticed some slight "delay" when scrolling pages and zooming with our fingers while browsing the Internet. That did not stop us from using the product and it happened on rare occasions, only while browsing the Internet.