We had some very good things to say about the Samsung Galaxy Tab during our tests. The tablet from Samsung is fast, the screen is sharp and bright, the device is effective in multitasking and its size is ideal to carry around in pockets and purses.Strong Points

  • Android interface is excellent
  • The screen is bright and colorful
  • It is easy to download and watch videos and listen to music
  • Lots of applications at Android Market
  • It is portable, lightweight, and has comfortable size
  • Flash Support (allows you to watch videos online)
  • Support for multiple file formats
  • Resistant
  • Fast
  • Efficient multitasking
  • Excellent connectivity

Weak Points

  • Some applications do not look good on the screen (Android 2.2 has not been optimized for tablets)
  • Lack of AMOLED screen
  • Average quality camera
  • Heavy sites in Flash format are slow to load
  • Battery not accessible
  • Lacks cell phone support
  • Lacks digital TV support

If Android OS and portability are a priority, then the Samsung Galaxy Tab is the ideal choice.