Applications and e-Book Reader

You can download Galaxy Tab applications at the Samsung Store and at the Android Market. The Samsung Store offers applications designed exclusively for Samsung products. So far we have no news of specific applications on the Android Market for Android tablets running 2.2 (Froyo). The next version, known as Honeycomb, runs applications developed specifically for tablets. These applications have a separate area at the Android Market.Android Market users will have quick access to thousands of applications to download, some free, some paid. After you find an app, just press a button to download it and install it automatically. Soon it will appear in the application menu.The Samsung Store is not as organized and easy to handle as the Android Market.Because of its 7-inch screen, the tablet is almost the size of a Kindle (six inches). One who has a Kindle can sync content and bookmarks from their Kindle account with the device. There are options for changing the font size, page color and brightness. Those who do not have a Kindle can open an account at Amazon eBookstore through the Galaxy Tab and buy electronic books.The size of the Tab is good for reading electronic books, but the Kindle’s screen is even more comfortable. The brightness of the Tab affects reading in bright light, while the Kindle’s e-Ink  technology does not have that problem. But when reading a colorful magazine, for example, the Galaxy Tab wins despite its reflection of light.The Kindle for Tab app is very easy to use. We can adjust the font size to a more comfortable level, and just dragging your finger on the screen takes you to the next or previous page.