Performance and Battery

Most of the time, the Galaxy Tab has taken advantage of its hardware configuration.The 1.0 GHz ARM Cortex A8 processor deals well with the processes running on the tablet, and multimedia content is held flawlessly thanks to the graphics accelerator. We just noticed a certain slowness in browsing the Internet when heavy sites built in Flash are loaded. This slowdown is felt while scrolling and zooming. Luckily, this type of site in Flash is not very common, so we have not seen this drop in performance as a problem to be considered.The 16 GB internal memory is more than enough for initial use. In case more space is needed after some time, the memory can be expanded up to 32 GB with a microSD card. The reading of files stored on the memory card is fast and flawless, even when the files in question are videos. We did not notice any performance difference between using internal memory and memory card.Bearing in mind that we would use multiple applications running simultaneously in the Galaxy Tab made us think that the battery life is short, even ridiculous.Samsung reports that the tablet provides around seven hours of video playback on a single charge (total) of battery, taking into account that video playback is one of the more intensive tasks that can be attributed to the tablet.We watched movies on the Tab and did not notice quick loss of battery power. During playback of long movies (a film which lasts three hours, for example) we could see that the unit heats up a little, but nothing that made it uncomfortable to hold.To make the battery last longer, we reduced the brightness of the screen and disabled Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi and 3G, enabling these features only when necessary. Therefore, we guarantee a full day of tablet use available, without fear of losing power. In fact, we could get two days of non-intense use with this economy.It would be perfect to have a tablet with a battery load that lasted one week under continuous use (!), but battery life on Galaxy Tab is not bad. Just do not forget to take the charger if you are going to spend more than a day away from home.The Galaxy Tab battery cannot be accessed manually. If it loses its charge capacity over time, you will need to hire a service company to replace the battery.