Rosewill is a very popular brand in the United States and their RD600N-2SB-SL-BK power supply is a rebadged Solytech SL-8600EPS, featuring active PFC, 120 mm fan and two auxiliary power plugs for video cards under SLI or CrossFire configuration. Is this a good product? Can it really deliver 600 W? Let’s see.

This power supply from Solytech is found in three different versions:

Besides the external aspect, internally all these power supplies are exactly the same product. So even though this is a review for Rosewill RD600N-2SB-BK power supply the results should be valid for all the power supplies listed above.

Solytech is also known by several other names, like Deer, L&C, Apex, Allied, SuperCase, Antler, Austin and others, and they seem to be around since the beginning of times with a not so good reputation (read this review and these comments to learn more about this company). Also it seems that Foxconn has ownership interest on this company. Of course we will check by ourselves whether this power supply is a good product or not.

By the way, we are still intrigued why MSI chose Solytech as the vendor for their power supplies. Usually big manufacturers prefer to choose an exclusive model for their line of power supplies, but power supplies from Solytech are far from exclusive and can be found on the market under several different brands, as you can see from above.

Rosewill RD600N-2SB-SL-BK Figure 1: Rosewill RD600N-2SB-SL-BK power supply.

Rosewill RD600N-2SB-SL-BK Figure 2: Rosewill RD600N-2SB-SL-BK power supply.

This power supply comes with a 20/24-pin motherboard cable, an ATX12V connector and an EPS12V connector (installed on the same cable) and five peripheral cables: one auxiliary power cable for video cards with two 6-pin connectors, two cables with two standard peripheral power connectors and one floppy disk drive power connector each and two cables with two SATA power plugs each.

In our opinion the number of connectors isn’t enough for the target audience of this power supply, with only four peripheral power plugs and four SATA power plugs. This power supply should have at least six SATA power plugs.

Also the two video card auxiliary power connectors are installed on the same cable and we prefer power supplies that use individual cables for a better power/current distribution.

All wires from this power supply are 18 AWG, which is perfect for a 600 W power supply.

On the aesthetic side all wires are protected with a nylon sleeving, but this protection doesn’t come from inside the power supply housing.

Now let’s take an in-depth look inside this power supply.


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