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Roccat Valo Keyboard Review


Keys and More Keys

Above the standard keyboard layout, there are two lines of macro keys. Well to the left, three keys control macro recording. Roccat included 45 color keys (red, light blue and dark blue) to replace the usual black ones so the user can customize his/her Valo, and a small tool to help release and switch the keys. There is also a microphone in the accessories package.

Valo keyboardFigure 6: Macro recording keys

Valo keyboardFigure 7: Color keys

Valo keyboardFigure 8: Accessories package

The Valo is an illuminated keyboard, and the light intensity can be controlled by a series of buttons on the upper edge of the keyboard. They also control the LCD brightness.

Valo keyboardFigure 9: Illuminated keys

Now that we’re done examing the Valo physically, let’s go to the programming and put it to use.