Configuring the Lachesis

Like a good gaming-grade mouse, the Lachesis is highly adjustable through its proprietary software. The application allows the user to customize eight individual buttons plus the scroll wheel; enable or disable the blue LED; and also configure advanced settings. Unlike other models that alter their DPI by set values, you can change the tracking resolution in 125 dpi increments, from 125 to 4,000 dpi. The application has a main screen and four tabs that control profile creation, X/Y sensitivity setting, scroll and pointer speed, and 16-key macro assignment. Once you master the convoluted interface, you can see all the changes you made in a single glance.

Razer Lachesis Gaming Mouse ReviewFigure 4: The Razer application.

To prepare for our test, we customized the Lachesis to our particular liking, assigning the lateral buttons to “duck” our virtual gunslinger from Team Fortress 2 and to open team communications. Unfortunately the changes we made to the other lateral buttons were useless since our pinkie had a hard time pressing them. The macro function worked nicely executing several complex Photoshop commands. The mouse has an internal memory so you can store your profiles and having them work in other computers, being at a friend’s home game or a LAN party.


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