Raidmax has just launched a series of mid-tower cases targeted to the female audience, Aura, available in four unique colors: seashell pink, emerald green, polar blue and “really black.” This case has five external 5.25” bays, two external 3.5” bays and three internal 3.5” bays, coming with two 120 mm fans, one on the left side panel and the other on the rear panel, and screwless mechanisms for fastening disk drives. We reviewed the seashell pink version, check it out.

Raidmax Aura Case Seashell PinkFigure 1: Raidmax Aura case.

Raidmax Aura Case Seashell PinkFigure 2: Raidmax Aura case.

The fan used on the left panel glows blue when turned on, which in our opinion doesn’t match a case that is pink. The same problem occurs with the emerald green model, which should have a green fan, not a blue one.

This case uses a plastic door – pink, in the case of the reviewed model. The power switch is located on the plastic door and the power LED – which also glows blue when the PC is turned on – is located around this switch. The switch looks like a safe knob.

Raidmax Aura Case Seashell PinkFigure 3: Plastic door.


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