By Gabriel Torres on June 30, 2005

Color Graphics Adapter

Video standard released together with the PC XT and was the first graphic system with colors on the PC. In its highest resolution mode, CGA allowed a resolution of 640x200 pixels with only two simultaneous colors. Another popular CGA resolution was 320x200 pixels with four simultaneous colors.

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CGA video card.

After a while, video card manufacturers started to build “dual” video cards, which were, at the same time, MDA and CGA, selectable through a jumper, also allowing Hercules (HGC) mode. You can easily differentiate a standard CGA from a dual video card: by its size (compare pictures). Another detail is that dual and MDA cards also came with a parallel port, which wasn’t found on CGA cards. CGA, MDA and EGA cards used a 9-pin female D-shell connector.


Dual video card.

Notice that you must install a CGA video monitor to a CGA card in order to make the system work. CGA video cards don’t work with other types of video monitors like MDA, EGA, VGA, SuperVGA, etc.

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