XFX XGear Headset With Vibration Function
By Gabriel Torres on September 29, 2005

Usually we do not write about loudspeakers and headset products, but this new headset that XFX is about to launch is really awesome and deserves our attention because of its unique vibration function. Just like a gamepad with vibration function, this headset vibrates with explosions and other sound effects. Really cool.

Some games, like Battlefield 2, are coming with voice over IP (VoIP) function that enables you to talk with other players, but in order to use this function you need a headset with a microphone.

The finishing of this product is really good, plus it provides the cool vibration function, making games even more realistic.

XFX XGear Headset With Vibration Function
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Figure 1: XFX XGear Headset With Vibration Function.

XFX XGear Headset With Vibration Function
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Figure 2: XFX XGear Headset With Vibration Function, back view.

The power necessary for the vibration function comes from the USB port or from a pair of batteries. It also has a volume control attached to its cable, which is 8.20 (2.50 m) long.

The only problem we see with this product is its price, which will probably be far higher than other similar products without the vibration function.

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