Thermaltake TMG i1 CPU Cooler
By Gabriel Torres on October 22, 2007


TMG i1 is a high-end air cooler from Thermaltake targeted to socket LGA775 CPUs, featuring four copper-heat-pipes, copper base, aluminum fins and a perpendicular fan. Let’s take a look at this new cooler from Thermaltake.

In Figure 1 you have an overall look of TMG i1. As you can see, its 92-mm fan is positioned perpendicular to the cooler base. Instead of using regular screws, the fan is attached to the cooler using four springs, which helps preventing vibration and thus noise. The fan rotates from 300 to 2,500 rpm with its speed controlled through the motherboard (i.e., the fan speed will depend on how you configure your system, and the fan itself doesn’t have any speed control knob).

Thermaltake TMG i1
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Figure 1: Thermaltake TMG i1.

Thermaltake TMG i1
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Figure 2: Thermaltake TMG i1.

In Figure 3, you can see the four U-shaped copper heat-pipes. This unit comes with gray thermal paste already applied to its copper base. This cooler doesn’t come with extra thermal grease.

Thermaltake TMG i1
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Figure 3: Thermaltake TMG i1 base.

Thermaltake also has this same cooler for AMD processors, called TMG a1. The only difference between TMG i1 and TMG a1 is the clip used to fasten the cooler to the CPU socket.

On next page we list TMG i1 main specs.

Main Specifications

Thermaltake TMG i1 CPU cooler main features are:

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