Asetek Low Cost Liquid Cooling (LCLC)
By Gabriel Torres on October 10, 2006


“Low Cost Liquid Cooling” or simply LCLC is the name of the latest water cooling kit from Asetek. It doesn’t have a fancy name however its name says it all: it is a cheap water cooler targeted to OEMs. This kit comes already pre-assembled and has only two parts, meaning that OEMs will be able to offer a water cooler solution to their costumers for an affordable price without needing to go through the hassle of assembling complicated parts. Let’s take a look at it.

Water cooling kits usually have four parts: a pump, a reservoir, a heat exchanger (radiator) and one or more cold plates (a.k.a. CPU block). On Asetek’s Low Cost Liquid Cooling the pump is assembled on top of the CPU cold plate and there is no reservoir as the system comes with the coolant liquid already installed inside the system.

Asetek Low Cost Liquid Cooling (LCLC)
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Figure 1: Asetek Low Cost Liquid Cooling (LCLC).

This system allows daisy chaining, meaning that you can also install a VGA block and/or a chipset block to the system.

The CPU cold plate is made of copper, as you can see in Figure 2.

Asetek Low Cost Liquid Cooling (LCLC)
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Figure 2: CPU cold plate.

The heat exchanger we saw used copper fins, as you can see in Figure 3. The heat exchanger can be ordered from a single 80 mm unit up to two 120 mm units, depending on the OEM needs.

Asetek Low Cost Liquid Cooling (LCLC)
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Figure 3: Heat exchanger.

Asetek says that this product can run up to 50,000 hours without maintenance.

Main Specifications

Asetek Low Cost Liquid Cooling (LCLC) main features include:


Creating a simpler water cooler with less parts and factory-assembled is great for the general user that wants to have a high-end cooling solution without going through the hassle of building their own system.

This idea isn’t new. Cooler Master Aquagate Mini is a good example of a product that you can find on the market using this very same idea.

Asetek Low Cost Liquid Cooling (LCLC), however, is targeted to OEMs, and it seems that they won’t sell this product on retail.

For OEMs it is a great opportunity to sell PCs with a built-in water cooling solution to their costumers, if the price is right, of course.

We think that the success or failure of this product is tied to two variables, in our opinion: its price and Asetek’s ability to sell to OEMs, which is a totally different game than selling to distributors and retail stores.

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