Seagate Unveils its Newest NAS Product Line
By Cássio Lima on February 19, 2013 - 1:38 PM

Seagate has just launched its newest network-attached storage (NAS) product line for small office / home office (SOHO), remote mobile office (RMO), and small- to medium-sized business organizations (SMBs). The Seagate Business Storage delivers centralized backup, data protection and remote access to critical business information in capacities ranging from 2 TB to 16 TB.

Seagate Business Storage is essentially a private cloud, which can reside in a single office location and is capable of providing access via both Android and iOS applications for mobile devices and a secure networked connection from any notebook. Additionally, for those important files that need increased protection, this new network attached storage also provides hardware encryption for select files.

Designed to backup all PC and Mac computers in an organization to a single centralized location, this new NAS includes backup software for Windows PCs and is also compatible with Apple’s Time Machine for backup of Mac OSX computers.

Seagate Business Storage comes in an array of capacities to meet nearly every business need. The one-drive solution ranges from 2 TB (USD 199.99) to 4 TB (USD 329.00). The two-bay business storage solution can be bought as a chassis without drives for USD 199.99, with 4 TB for USD 469.99, 6 TB for USD 549.99, and 8 TB for USD 749.99. The Business Storage four-bay solution will range from a no-drive chassis for USD 429.99 to 16 TB for USD 1,499.99.

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