Scythe Announces Kama Panel 3.1
By Cássio Lima on May 2, 2013 - 1:14 PM

Japanese manufacturer Scythe is announcing an update of the Kama Panel series. Kama Panel 3.1 offers an easy and fast way to extend the PC case with additional connectivity such as two USB 3.0 ports and a HDD rack for 2.5” hard drives/solid state drives (SSD). Useful features, such as a built-in fan controller for two fans, a card reader, and front audio connectors, have been kept from the earlier models and remained throughout the revisions.

Kama Panel 3.1 is based on the design of the former versions, which has been gradually upgraded with new functions and technologies to offer the best possible connectivity and usability, packed into a single 5.25” bay in the front panel. The latest 3.1 version features two USB 3.0 ports and a card reader for Memory Stick Micro (M2), microSD /microSDHC and SD/SDHC /MMC flash media.

Additionally one mic and one 3.5 mm stereo jack are located in the front of Kama Panel 3.1.

The right side of Kama Panel 3.1 is dedicated to the control and monitoring of fan speed and temperatures. Users are able to connect up to two case fans on the rear side and control them by turning the retractable knobs. Supplied connector cables support both 3-pin and 4-pin fan connectors, where the fan speed is only adjusted using voltage regulation. Kama Panel 3.1 adjusts the voltage in the range between 3.7 and 12 volts. A built-in LCD provides useful information about current fan speed and temperature of both channels at the same time. Depending on the preference, users can use the backlight illumination or deactivate it, if required. In accordance with the measured temperatures, users are able to set individual alarm temperatures between 40°C and 90°C in one degree steps. Displayed temperatures can be easily changed from Celsius to Fahrenheit by pressing one button in the front of Kama Panel 3.1.

One of the new key features of the new Kama Panel 3.1 is the built-in rack for hard drives/solid state drives (SSD). Thanks to this new rack, users are able to directly connect a drive with a maximum height of 3.74“ (9.5 mm). Kama Panel 3.1 is furthermore equipped with one power and one reset button on the left side.

Users are able to purchase the new Scythe Kama Panel 3.1 (model number SCKMPN-3100) as of today for the MSRP of 32.00 EUR.

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