LEPA Announces Three New Power Supply Series
By Cássio Lima on September 10, 2013 - 12:50 AM

LEPA has announced the launch of a new series of power supply. The GM-MaxGold is an 80 Plus Gold product line, which ranges from 500 W to 1000 W. The BM-MaxBron is an 80 Plus Bronze line that goes from 450 W to 1000 W. Last but not at least, the LEPA MX F1 series includes models with 350 W, 400 W, and 600 W.

GM-MaxGold and BM-MaxBron series are both equipped with a hybrid modular cable design, hydraulic bearing fan, a single +12V rail, and complies with ErP Lot6 standard. The new GM-MaxGold and BM-MaxBron series carry one unique feature – the “Anti3s Q-Brick design”, which is a protective sleeve that protects power supplies from three aspects: shock, static, and slip.  GM-MaxGold and BM-MaxBron comes with one red Q-Brick and one extra black Q-Brick as a gift for users to replace or swap-out as they prefer. Also, GM-MaxGold series applies DC-DC converter design, ensuring the stability of output voltage when the CPU goes into a C6/C7 sleep state, meeting the new Intel Haswell CPU standard.

This new MX F1 (115/230Vac) inherits a style and coating inspired by Formula One racing. MX F1 series (115/230Vac) provides 6+2P PCI-E connectors for 350W, 400W, and 600W power supplies to meet the requirements of power-hungry graphic cards. The MX F1 is also equipped with a hydraulic bearing fan, delivering a durable, silent, and optimal cooling performance. To better facilitate installation with bottom-mounted PSU chassis, the CPU connector cable has been lengthened to 60 cm. MX F1 series (115/230Vac) perfectly fulfills your basic computing requirements.

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