Huntkey Introduces ES 90W Notebook Adapter Ultra Edition
By Cássio Lima on April 24, 2013 - 12:51 PM

Huntkey has introduced its ES 90W Notebook Adapter – Ultra Edition. Compared to the traditional ES 90W Notebook Adapter, the ultra edition is mainly improved in five aspects:

  1. The conversion efficiency is increased to 89%, 2% higher than ES 90W;
  2. The stand-by power is lower than 0.2 W, whereas the stand-by power of ES 90W is lower than 0.3 W.
  3. The size is reduced by 21.9%, compared to the traditional edition;
  4. Bended tips save space, compared to the straight tips of the initial edition;
  5. The output voltage of 19.5 V allows for applicability to more laptop computers, compared to the output voltage of 19 V adopted by the initial edition, as well as most traditional notebook adapters.

The ES 90W ultra edition is equipped with eight different tips. So if you buy an ES 90W ultra edition, you can use it on almost any brand of laptop.


No word on pricing.

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