Genius Introduces the KMH 100 Gaming Combo
By Cássio Lima on February 26, 2013 - 1:19 PM

Genius has announced that its KMH 100 is now available in the U.S. and Canada. This 3-in-1 GX gaming series combo brings together some of the elite products of the GX Gaming Series: Maurus Black gaming mouse, Imperator gaming keyboard and Lychas gaming headset.

Featuring numerous customizable features, Maurus gaming mouse gives gamers a personalized experience. The Scorpion UI (User Interface) lets you set up and save up to 21 macros, giving you a competitive edge in the heat of battle. Maurus’s buttons, with default settings of left, right, middle with scroll, next page, and last page are programmable, giving gamers even more customizable control. Additionally, the over-clocking SG Core i engine lets gamers adjust the dpi to four different levels (450/900/1,800/3,500) directly from the mouse. Its non-slick rubber coating ensures a firm grip when moving the mouse violently back and forth.

With six programmable keys under three game profiles, Imperator gaming keyboard allows gamers to assign up to 18 macros. The included UI makes it easy to manage and customize your macros. Once programmed, gamers can cast spells or execute specialized commands in a single keystroke.

When not gaming, users can take advantage of the seven easy access media keys, including instant mute for simple control of movies, videos, and audio. Imperator gaming keyboard has an optimal 3.8 mm key travel distance resulting in perfect elasticity. During long gaming sessions, the palm rest support helps gamers stay comfortable.

Ideal for LAN parties and competitions because of its individual ear cup volume control, Lychas gaming headset is easy to carry around with its swivel ear cups and foldable design. When the volume is turned up in both of the ear cups, this GX Gaming headset not only provides clear and accurate audio for a tactical advantage in any combat situation, but the large 50 mm drivers also prevent distraction from background noise.

The in-line control box lets gamers easily tweak the master volume and mute the microphone in-game. Mounted on the left ear piece, the omni-directional microphone can be simply rotated out of view when not in use. And the adjustable headband fits comfortably on any gamer.

The KMH 100, 3-in-1 GX Gaming Series Combo, is now available in the U.S. and Canada for the suggested retail price of USD 129.99.

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