Enermax iVektor Case Series Launched
By Cássio Lima on August 14, 2013 - 10:02 AM

Enermax has introduced the brand new iVektor series of computer cases designed for high-performance cooling of strong gaming rigs and workstations. iVektor is a multi-functional ATX midi tower case offering maximum usability and expandability. The racy design allows for an eye-catching presentation of customized gaming rigs. By integrating LED stripes or fans, the dark-tinted acrylic side window reveals what’s under the hood of the iVektor. The case comes in three colors: jet black, passion red and snow-white.

The black and white iVektor models are coated with a special rubber skin which creates a quality and stylish appearance. In comparison with standard steel case, the special "Soft-Touch Coating" of iVektor is able to absorb vibrations, noise and prevent the case from fingerprints.

Once more, Enermax introduces a case that is well-prepared to cool down high-performance workstations very effectively. The iVektor accommodates up to six fans and can also support a powerful liquid cooler with 240 mm radiator under the top panel.

Two USB 3.0 ports and two USB 2.0 ports offer a quick data transfer with external USB devices. The I/O panel at the top further includes a fan speed control to adjust the cooling performance of two pre-installed fans according to the system requirements.

On the iVektor 5.25” drives can be installed completely tool-free: just slide the ODD into the bay and it will be automatically secured. For 3.5"/2.5" hard disk and solid-state drives, iVektor provides a flexible modular system with different configurations:

There is a 30 mm clearance between the mainboard tray and side panel that offers more than enough space for total hidden cable routing. The power supply slot at the bottom is equipped with rubber pads for vibration reductions as well as a removable air filter to keep dust free.

The Enermax iVektor (ECA3310 series) comes in three colors: snow white and jet black models are with “Soft Touch Coating” and their suggested retail price is USD 79.99; the shining passion red model’s price is USD 75.99.

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