Enermax Launches Triathlor ECO Power Supply Series
By Cássio Lima on September 18, 2013 - 10:39 AM

Triathlor ECO series is the brand new 80 Plus Bronze power supply unit launched by Enermax. This series offers four different models, including 350 W, 450 W, 550 W, and 650 W, with flat modular cable for easy cable management. The new Triathlor ECO is also equipped with Load Balancer technology to stabilize voltage output and to support C6/C7 states of Intel Haswell CPU. Yet, the new Triathlor ECO drives the energy saving standards to a higher level, by meeting the ErP Lot 6 2013 requirements, thanks to the latest 5Vsb standby eco-design.

Triathlor ECO has the HeatGuard feature, which allows a 30 to 60 sec. delayed cooling fan shutdown, enabling the excessive warm air to be extracted from the unit and maximizing the product life. The 120 mm double ball bearing cooling fan is used for silent operation and heat dissipation.

The automatic voltage regulator allows Triathlor ECO to operate between 100-240Vac, with Active PFC.  The single 12V output provides exceptional compatibility for power hungry high-end GPU while retaining superb power efficiency. Triathlor ECO was also designed to work under high-temperature working conditions while maintaining continuous and stable power output. In terms of safety measures, Triathlor ECO comes with multiple advanced technologies to ensure utmost user experience, including: OVP (Over Voltage), DC UVP (Under Voltage), OPP (Over Power), SCP (Short-Circuit), and SIP (Surge and Inrush current).

Triathlor ECO will be available in October 2013, costing USD 79.99 (350 W), USD 89.99 (450 W), USD 99.99 (550 W), and USD 109.99 (650 W).

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