Enermax Enters the Liquid CPU Cooler Market
By Cássio Lima on September 21, 2012 - 1:18 PM

Enermax has entered into the liquid CPU cooler market with the launch of the ELC series. Enermax’s ELC series includes the ELC120-TA, the ELC120-TB and the ELC240 models, all equipped with a patented technology for best thermal conductivity. They also feature an all-in-one, close-loop system to prevent the complexity and hassle of DIY water cooling kits. Users can easily install the Enermax ELC cooler into the computer. In addition, there is no need for refilling water coolant into the device as well as any extra maintenance work required by the conventional DIY liquid coolers.

The ELC120-TB and the ELC240 are equipped with T.B.Silence fans, while the ELC120-TA comes with two T.B.Apollish LED fans. These fans allow for an individual speed range adjustment according to the system requirements. Users can choose one of three rpm modes. In Silent Mode, the fan runs with a maximum of 1,500 rpm and achieves up to 2,200 rpm in Overclock Mode.

The Enermax liquid coolers support all current Intel and AMD processors.





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USD 89.99

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