Dell Announces Latitude 3330 Notebook for Schools
By Cássio Lima on April 16, 2013 - 1:53 PM

Today, Dell launched the Latitude 3330, a notebook designed for schools and small businesses. It’s a product built to handle interactive learning needs for students or to tackle business productivity for small business users, while providing business-class control. It's sleek, lightweight, and sturdy design stands up to the demands of even the youngest of students, fits easily on classroom desks and in backpacks and moves easily from classroom to classroom or home and back. The new laptop offers no compromise performance with full laptop productivity and all day battery life with a 6-cell battery.

The new laptop supports Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7, and Linux Ubuntu, giving students the ability to produce, consume and share information, as well as leverage common learning applications and software to personalize their learning experience during the school day and at home.

The Latitude 3330 has a 13.3-inch anti-glare screen that minimizes the scrolling required of smaller screens, an HD 720 webcam, and WiDi support for virtual classroom collaboration. The Latitude 3330 is available with a broad choice of storage technology ranging from standard hard drives to high-performance SSD for maximum durability and quick system response time. Equipped with VGA, HDMI, USB 3.0 and optional USB docking, the new laptop can connect easily to the majority of desk environments and room infrastructures for smooth presentation, teaching, and maximized learning time.

Also launching this month are the Dell Mobile Computing Carts, available in managed and unmanaged options, and enables secure storage, charging, and transport for easy mobility. It is designed to accommodate a variety of form factors and screen sizes, including Dell tablets, Ultrabooks, laptops, and up to 30 Latitude 3330s. The managed cart option allows for remote management and IT updates, ideal for managing a fleet of systems between multiple campus locations.

The Latitude 3330 is available in late April 2013 and starts at USD 419. The Dell Mobile Computing cart is also available in late April and starts at USD 1,899.99 for the unmanaged configuration and USD 2,799.99 for the managed configuration.

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