CES 2013: NZXT Presents the Phantom 630 Case
By Cássio Lima on January 14, 2013 - 3:40 PM

The new Phantom 630 features fully modular internal drive bays that can be reorganized to your heart’s content. If you choose to remove all drive bays to accommodate extra radiators or a large reservoir, the Phantom 630 comes with two SSD mounts located behind the motherboard tray for a minimalistic setup with maximum cooling capability.

This case features four 5.25” external bays, eight 3.5”/2.5” internal bays, two USB 2.0 ports and two USB 3.0 ports. As for cooling, the Phantom 630 comes with one 200 mm fan on the front panel, one 200 mm fan on the top panel, one 200 mm fan on the side panel, one 140 mm fan on the rear panel, and an integrated 30-watt single channel fan controller.

The Phantom 630 also features a dual-level motherboard tray, offering unrivaled cable management and airflow capabilities. Further minimizing cable clutter, the Phantom 630 is equipped with a rear-mounted multi-port fan hub for a simple and clean fan controller setup.

Offered in Matte-Black, Gunmetal, and White colors, the Phantom 630 will be available for USD 179.99.




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