Arctic’s Latest Power Bank
By Cássio Lima on September 13, 2013 - 10:58 AM

Arctic has launched the newest addition to the Power Bank Series; the Power Bank 2000. The Power Bank 2000 is the ideal accessory if you find that your smartphone battery struggles to make it through a full day. Priced at USD 25.95, this 2000 mAh power bank allows you to recharge on the go so you are not left phoneless. With a LED battery status indicator, you can monitor when you need to recharge.

The Power Bank 2000 is available in hot pink, vibrant blue, silver, and black. A color coordinated nylon pouch is included for safe storage of the power bank and its cables.

The Power Bank 4000 has been expanded into a larger color selection including: hot pink, vibrant blue, brushed silver, and black. At only 11 mm thick and containing a 4000 mAh lithium polymer battery, this is our most powerful and thinnest power bank of the series. Featuring a 2A current output, the Power Bank 4000 will quickly charge all USB devices and extend battery life up to 14+ talk time hours or 70+ audio playback hours. The smart level LED battery status indicator ensures that you will not be left stranded without the extra juice. Comes with a color matched nylon pouch for safer storage of the power bank and cables together.

The Power Bank 2200 is the perfect, stylish accessory to double the battery life of your smart phone or other USB devices. The sleek aluminum, pocket sized design allows you to carry this 2200mAh portable battery charger with you anywhere you go. Available in hot pink, vibrant blue, brushed silver, and black.  

All Power Banks come with calculated length Mini USB and Micro USB charging cables to ensure zero excess cables stuffed in your pockets and a power cut protection feature in case of an unintentional short circuit.

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