Watch Out For GeCube Reviews on Other Websites
By Gabriel Torres on October 28, 2005 - 10:11 AM

You need to be very carefull when reading VGA reviews from GeCube on other websites. GeCube is sending out "fine tuned" boards to media, models that aren't easily found on the market. In our case, we've got from them one Radeon X800 GTO running at 472 MHz for core and 1 GHz for memory, while the original specs for this board is 400 MHz for core and 1 GHz for memory. With this "fine tuning", GeCube Radeon X800 GTO would be faster than a Radeon X800 Pro (475 MHz for core and 950 MHz for memory). The whole problem is that they didn't tell us that the sample they sent us was overclocked. Officially, GeCube was selling this overclocked model in a “special limited quantity” offer, however this model is already sold out. Also, we couldn’t find any reference for the overclocked specs on the box, on the manual or on their website of this model we've got.

Some websites, like, accurately described this sample as being overclocked., for example, described this GeCube model as “Ultimate” (but in the middle of the text they call it “Ultra”, it seems that they also got confused). However, like we said, this model is listed nowhere on GeCube’s website.

Other websites, like TweakTown, were deceived by the overclocked specs from this “special media sample” from GeCube. As you can read on their review, they thought all Radeon X800 GTO models come clocked at 475 MHz, which is not true.

We will post this review very soon, of course making it very clear that we are talking about an overclocked card.

The problem for us will be correcting the reviews we’ve recently posted, because we compared the reviewed models with GeCube’s Radeon X800 GTO and now we think it is unfair to compare a VGA running at standard specs with an overclocked one.

I don't know. No matter what excuses they make, for me these guys were trying to fool reviewing websites by sending an overclocked card without their knowledge, trying to get better scores that competing products, great praises and product award seals.

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