Fake 2 GB USB Drive
By Gabriel Torres on May 18, 2007 - 2:12 PM

A friend has just sent me the picture below by e-mail. This is a fake 2 GB pen drive someone bought at one of those little shacks that sell computer parts on an underdeveloped country. Ouch!

Updated on 05/19/2007: The text of the e-mail I got was a fake, since the device below is clearly a fake USB wireless adapter (the picture, however, seems to be real, i.e. it is a fake USB wireless adapter). Also, this picture is circulating on the Internet at least since December 2005At wireless.com.pt website besides this picture being posted on January 2006 there is another picture of an USB Bluetooth adapter with a fake antenna, which I posted below. Even though it has a fake external antenna, apparently this adapter works fine. Thank you for all readers that provided me this information.

Fake USB Wi-Fi Adapter
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Figure 1: Fake Wi-Fi adapter.

Bluetooth with Fake Antenna
Figure 2: Bluetooth adapter with fake external antenna (the device seems to work fine).

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