The Pentium G4600 is a low-cost CPU with two cores, two threads, and 3.6 GHz clock, being one of the most inexpensive models from Intel right now. Let’s see how fast it is for programs and games.

When launched, the Pentium G4560 (read our review here) became an instant hit.  Since it had similar specs to the Core i3-7100 (review here) but sold for almost half the price, it often sold out in most stores. Because of the “law of supply and demand”, it became more expensive than its brother, the Pentium G4600, even though the model was a little superior (it had a 100 MHz higher clock and a better-integrated video than the G4560).

The Pentium G4600 brings the Intel HD 630 iGPU, the same that comes in all high-end Kaby Lake desktop CPUs, like the Core i5-7400, and the Core i7-7700K. On the other hand, the Pentium G4560 comes with the Intel HD 610 iGPU, which has half the graphics cores (12 on HD 610, and 24 on the HD 630).

The Pentium G4600 has two cores, four threads, 3.6 GHz clock (there is no Turbo Clock), 3 MiB of L3 cache, TDP of 51 W, and uses LGA1151 socket.

Figure 1 shows the package of the Pentium G4600.

Pentium G4600Figure 1: Package

In Figure 2 we have the package content: a cooler, the CPU itself, a manual, and a case sticker.

Pentium G4600Figure 2: Package content

Figure 3 unveils the Pentium G4600 processor.

Pentium G4600Figure 3: The Pentium G4600 CPU

The underside of the CPU can be seen in Figure 4.

Pentium G4600Figure 4: Underside of the Pentium G4600

For our benchmarks, we compared the Pentium G4600 to the Core i3-7100 (which has similar characteristics), and we also included the Core i5-7400 (read about it here), the Core i5-8400, and the Ryzen 5 1500X (review here).

We used a GeForce GTX 1080 video card on all tests.

Let’s compare the main specs of the reviewed CPUs on the next page.