When the Kaby Lake CPUs were announced, everyone become curious about the new Pentium processors with Hyper-Threading technology enabled. As we expected, our tests proved that, in all the tasks where the four threads are used, the Pentium G4560 performed similarly to the Core i3-7100, being slightly slower only because of the lower clock rate.

It was also clear that the Pentium G4560 uses a weaker graphics engine (HD 610) than the Core i3-7100 (HD 630) and even than Pentium G4500 (HD 530). So, using the Pentium G4560 integrated video for gaming (or any GPU-demanding task) is not a viable option.

On the other hand, the benchmarks in games using a “real” video card bring an important discover: the Pentium G4560 performed similarly to the Core i7-7100, which is actually a CPU with excellent cost/benefit ratio.

So, the Pentium G4560 shown an excellent general performance for its price tag, which makes it a great choice for a low-cost PC, and even for a budget gaming PC, if you install an actual video card, since its integrated video is its weak point.