Patriot PDC22G9200ELK 2 GB memory kit delivers what the manufacturer promises: it is a true DDR2-1150/PC2-9200 2 GB memory kit, being perfect for overclockers that want to achieve a higher overclocking level with their systems and their current DDR2-800 or DDR2-1066 is the current bottleneck.

Even though it is officially rated only 86 MHz above 1,066 MHz, on our tests we could put it working at 1,219 MHz maintaining its default voltage (2.3 V), so we are talking about 153 MHz above DDR2-1066. Increasing voltage to 2.4 V we were able to put this kit running at 1,280 MHz, or 219 MHz above 1,066 MHz.

Of course this kit is targeted only to the ultimate overclocker. Regular users won’t have any benefit from using this kit (as it is targeted to overclocking) and even overclockers have to think if it is worth paying a lot more to get some more megahertz.

The problem with this kit is its price. It costs around USD 300 while a 2 GB DDR2-1066/PC2-8500 kit from the same manufacturer (PDC22G8500ELK model) costs only USD 190 and offers a USD 40 rebate, making this product a far better option for the average overclocker, costing exactly half the price. Updated 05/24/2007: lowered the price for this memory kit a little bit and is now also giving a USD 40 mail-in rebate for the reviewed memory kit, so the final price at this store is now USD 256, making it much more affordable.

Of course we know that die-hard overclockers with deep pockets don’t mind paying extra to achieve the highest overclocking possible to impress their friends.

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