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Patriot DDR2-1150/PC2-9200 2 GB Memory Kit Review


Patriot PDC22G9200ELK Memory Kit

In Figure 1, you can see the package for this PC2-9200 2 GB memory kit and in Figure 2 the two DDR2-1150 1 GB memory modules. Patriot also offers this kit with 1 GB version, using two 512 MB modules.

Patriot PDC22G9200ELKFigure 1: Patriot PDC22G9200ELK package.

Patriot PDC22G9200ELKFigure 2: Patriot PDC22G9200ELK memory modules.

Patriot guarantees that these memory modules can run up to 1,150 MHz maintaining 5-5-5-12 timings, which is ok for this clock grade, as these are the same timings used by DDR2-1066 modules we’ve seen from Corsair and Patriot.

Patriot PDC22G9200ELKFigure 3: Memory label.

These modules use the famous D-revision Micron chips. There are several different versions of this chip around, and the one used on these modules is D9GKX. The part number for this memory chip is MT47H64M8B6-25E and it is officially rated as DDR2-800. Patriot could label them as DDR2-1150 through a process of testing: some chips from a batch can work fine above their specs, so it is just a matter of selecting the chips that can work fine at 1,150 MHz. Inside a batch there may be not so many chips that can work at this clock rate, so that is why Patriot has to charge more for these memory modules.

Patriot PDC22G9200ELKFigure 4: Micron chips used on these memory modules.

Since each chip can store 512 Mbits of information, 16 chips are used on an 1 GB memory module (512 Mbits x 16 / 8 = 1 GB).