Gaming Performance

Gaming is one arena where changing the memory module by another with a higher speed grade usually raises the performance of the game. Here we used Quake 4, which is based on the same engine as Doom 3.

We ran Quake 4 multiplayer demo id_demo001 on 1024x768x32 with no image quality settings enabled. We run it four times and the results shown on the chart is an arithmetic average of the collected data. The results are in frames per second. For more information on how to use Quake 4 to benchmark your system, read our tutorial on this subject.

The methodology we used you can check on the “How We Tested” section. The results you can see on the chart and table below.

Patriot PDC21G8500ELK DDR2-1066 PC2-8500

Memory Module FPS Difference
Patriot PDC21G8500ELK (DDR2-1066) 110.35  
Corsair CM2X512-8500C5 (DDR2-1066) 110.10 0.23%
Corsair CM2X1024-6400C3 (DDR2-800) 107.12 3.02%
Corsair CM2X512A-5400UL (DDR2-667) 104.77 5.33%
DDR2-800 Simulation (5-5-5-16) 103.76 6.35%
Corsair CM2X512-4200 (DDR2-533) 101.49 8.73%
DDR2-667 Simulation (5-5-5-13) 100.93 9.33%
DDR2-533 Simulation (4-4-4-11) 97.65 13.01%

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