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  • 3DNow.net: Website dedicated to 3D tecnologies.
  • 3D Sound Surge: Website dedicated to 3D audio
  • 48bitLBA: Everything you need to know about the 128 GB hard disk drive limit on PCs.
  • All Codecs and Decompressors: Complete list with the main existing codecs and where to download them.
  • AMDZone: Technical information, news and more about AMD processors.
  • Anand's Hardware Tech Page: World's premiere resource for PC hardware, it has great reviews.
  • Ascully: Website dedicated to hardware, DVD, videogames and anime.
  • Badcaps.net: Website dedicated to identification and repairing of motherboards with explosive capacitors. Read tutorial about this subject.
  • Benchmark Reviews: Articles, news and reviews about PC hardware.
  • Bit-tech: Excellent step-by-step tutorials about case modding.
  • Bona Fide Reviews: PC hardware news and reviews.
  • Capacitor Lab: Everything you need to know about capacitors, in order to help identifying bad capacitors.
  • Casemodgod: PC Modding Site with Guides, Hardware Reviews, Forums and more!
  • Choose a Laptop: Very interesting website with tutorials and recommendations on how to choose the correct laptop for you.
  • Complete PCChips Support: Website containing BIOS and manuals for old PCChips motherboards.
  • Compu-KISS: Sandy Berger's short and simple tips, tutorials, and technology reviews.
  • Computercraft Upgrade and Repair PCs
  • Computing On Demand: PC news and reviews.
  • Connector Reference Chart: A guide with the pin-out of almost all cables and plugs used on the PC.
  • ConXit: Tool for finding the correct cable/adaptor you need.
  • Corsair Memory Basics: Tutorial from Corsair explaining everything you need to know about memories.
  • CPU-World: Outstanding website containing processor specs with photos, specially from old CPUs.
  • CPU Collection: A complete list of all CPUs released to date, with specs and pictures.
  • DailyTech: Daily news about technology.
  • Datasheet 4U: Search and download electronic components (such as transistors, integrated circuits, etc) datasheets in PDF format. 
  • Datasheet Locator: Search and download electronic components (such as transistors, integrated circuits, etc) datasheets in PDF format.
  • Daves Old Computers: Website with pictures and specs of old computers.
  • Digital-Digest: Website about DVD, VCD, SVCD and MiniDVD.
  • Digital Photography Review: News, reviews and information about digital cameras.
  • Digital Trends: PC hardware news and reviews.
  • DigiTimes: Daily news about the Asian hardware market.
  • DLL-Files: Website containing the majority of Windows lost DLL files for downloading.
  • Disk Unlocker: Utility for allowing access to hard drives bigger than 2 TB.
  • Drivers Kit: Website containing several device drivers for download.
  • Drivers Lab: Website containing several device drivers for download.
  • Duplicator Guide: Website dedicated to CD and DVD duplicators, with news, articles and reviews.
  • DivX-Digest: Website about DivX, ASF, WMV and MPEG-4.
  • DVD FAQ: Everything you need to know about DVDs is here.
  • DVD Forum: Forum that set DVD standards.
  • DVDR-Digest: Website about DVD (DVD-R) recording.
  • DVD-Recordable: DVD recording news and reviews.
  • Everything USB: Everything about USB ports and peripherals, news and reviews.
  • eCoustics: Search engine for electronics reviews - audio/video, hi-fi, computers and more.
  • eTeknix: News and reviews about PC hardware, including videos reviews.
  • ExtremeOverclocking: PC hardware articles, news and revies.
  • eXtreme Power Supply Calculator: Calculate which power supply you will need with this calculator.
  • Folklore: Anecdotes about the development of Apple's original Macintosh computer, and the people who created it.
  • Form Factors: Website containing the official specs for ATX and BTX motherboards and power supplies.
  • Futurelooks: Articles, news and reviews about PC hardware.
  • HardCoreWare: PC hardware news and reviews.
  • Hardwarejournal: Website with news and reviews about hardware, in German.
  • HotHardware: PC hardware reviews.
  • Hack a Day: This website shows crazy hacks that you can do on electronics products, such as instally a floppy disk drive on a Game Boy, how to use a hard drive to lockpick locks and a lot more.
  • HardOCP: Articles and reviews about 3D video boards and new CPUs.
  • Hardware Book: Description of all connectors used on the PC.
  • Hardware Forumz.com: Hardware community resource.
  • Hardwarespot.de: German and International hardware news every day.
  • Hartware.net: One of Germany's oldest and biggest independent hardware magazines.
  • Heatsink Guide: A website completely devoted to heatsink and fans. Indispensable reading for overclocking lovers.
  • HyperTransport Consortium: HyperTransport bus official technical specs.
  • iGadget Life: Really interesting site about gadgets, cell phones, digital cameras and LCD monitors.
  • Intel 4004 — 35th Anniversary Project : In-depth info, including schematics, of the world's first CPU, the Intel 4004.
  • ITShootOut: PC hardware reviews.
  • JonnyGURU: Website fully dedicated to reviewing power supplies.
  • LaptopVideo2Go: Website with the latest nVidia video drivers modified to work with any laptop computer.
  • MajorGeeks: The latest downloads to tweak, repair, diagnose or just tinker with your computer.
  • Measurement Lab: Created by Google, this tool tests your internet connection speed and also run some diagnostics to if there is something reducing your speed.
  • MonitorWorld: Technical specs from more than 2,000 video monitors.
  • Motherboards.org: Everything about motherboards.
  • MVKTech: Website dedicated to VGA BIOS upgrade and modding. It also publishes VGAs, coolers and memories reviews.
  • Neoseeker: PC hardware articles, news and reviews.
  • NTFS.com: Everything you need to know about NTFS file system.
  • nForcersHQ: PC hardware articles, news and reviews, focused on nVidia products.
  • NullModem: Everything you need to know about the connectors used by the ports found on a PC, including pin-out: serial, parallel, keyboard, USB, LAN, etc.
  • OCModShop: Your source for reviews, guides and PC Modifications.
  • OCWorkBench: PC hardware articles, news and reviews.
  • OverclokersHQ : Hardware and gaming news and reviews.
  • PC-Disk: Hard disk manuals, jumper configuration lists, etc.
  • PC Guide: A complete online book explaining in depth everything about PC Hardware.
  • PC Stats: PC hardware reviews, articles and news.
  • PC Perspective: News and reviews about PC hardware plus a handy motherboard comparison tool.
  • PCI-SIG: Website with the official specs for the PCI, PCI-X and PCI Express buses.
  • PCShopTalk : PC hardware reviews.
  • PLASMA Online: Website dedicated to PC hardware parts identification. Its hot feature is the identification of chips used in the PC, with lots of pictures.
  • Public Proxy Servers: A list of proxy servers on the web.
  • Processor Spec Finder: List all technical specs from all Intel CPUs. 
  • ProjectPDA: PDA and Smartphone comparison, reviews, articles and news.
  • Protocols: Networks protocols information.
  • Red & Blackness Mods: Website devoted to case modding.
  • Repair FAQ: Website full of tips and explanations about CDs and DVDs and how to repair these consumer electronics devices.
  • SCSI Connectors FAQ: Website with all SCSI connectors descriptions.
  • Semico: Countless researchs about the memory market.
  • Sharky Extreme: PC hardware articles, news and reviews.
  • Silent PC Review: Thorough, sophisticated articles and reviews of acoustics and noise in all kinds of computing products.
  • Storage Review: Everything about data storage.
  • Sudhian Media: PC hardware news and articles.
  • System Optimization PC Hardware and Performance Guide
  • T-Break: PC hardware news and reviews. Number one in the Middle East. 
  • TheBestCaseScenario Website dedicated to case modding.
  • Tech Advice: A lot of PC hardware technical infomation.
  • TechARP: Tutorials and articles about PC hardware. There you will find a fantastic tutorial about BIOS setup optimization.
  • Tech Seed: Collects and publishes summaries from all hardware reviews around the web.
  • Techware Labs: PC hardware articles, news and reviews.
  • TechTastic: Articles, news and reviews about hardware.
  • Testfreaks: A database of product information and reviews.
  • TestSeek: Search engine for you to find reviews published around the web about a given product.
  • The Inquirer: News, rumors and tendencies of the computer market.
  • The Firmware Page: Firmwares for make you DVD units and recorders regions-free.
  • The TCP/IP Guide: The most comprehensive guide about TCP/IP.
  • The Register: News, rumors and tendencies of the computer market.
  • Technick.net: The premiere internet source for cables and connectors pinouts. General guides and information about electronic hardware.
  • Tom's Hardware Guide: One of the first PC hardware reviewing websites.
  • TweakTown: PC hardware news and reviews.
  • U-Geek
  • USB: Official website of the USB bus.
  • Ultimate Hardware: News, reviews and press releases about PC hardware.
  • VESA
  • VIA Arena: How to guides, technology information and VIA drivers.
  • Virtual-Hideout.net: PC News, Reviews, and Articles. Home of the Worlds Largest Case Gallery!
  • Viper's Lair: PC hardware reviews.
  • VSLI Microprocessors: Info about CPUs from the past, present and future.
  • X-Bit Labs: In-depth PC hardware news, articles and reviews.
  • XSReviews: Hardware reviews.
  • WebHQ: Manuals for very old motherboards.
  • WhatIsMyIP: Finds out what IP address you are using for Internet surfing.
  • Wim's BIOS Page: Everything about BIOS and setup.
  • Wikihowto: How identify an unknown integrated circuit thru its logo.

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