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Home » Drivers » Optical Unit Drivers
  • Optical Units mean CD, CD-R, DVD, DVD-R and similar units.
  • For drivers listed with "(login)", use: login: drivers, password: all.
Manufacturer Website Drivers
Acard http://www.acard.com Drivers
Acer Peripherals http://www.benq.com Drivers
Actima Technology http://www.actima.com.tw Drivers
Addonics http://www.addonics.com Drivers
ALPS http://www.alpsusa.com Drivers
Amacom http://www.amacom-tech.com Drivers
Aserton Group Inc. (AGI) This company no longer exists. Drivers(login)
Atlas Peripherals http://www.atlasperipherals.com Drivers
Axonix http://www.axonix.com Drivers
Aztech Labs http://www.aztech.com Drivers
BenQ http://www.benq.com Drivers
Creative Labs http://www.creativelabs.com Drivers
Delta Electronics http://www.deltaww.com Drivers
Diamond Multimedia http://www.diamondmm.com Drivers
Digital Research Tech. http://www.dr-tech.com Drivers
Digital Video Systems (Maestro) http://www.dvsystems.com Drivers
Disc Technologies Corp http://www.disctech.com Drivers
Everex http://www.everex.com Drivers
EXP Computer Inc. http://www.expnet.com Drivers
FireStorm   Drivers
Freecom http://www.freecom.com Drivers
Funai Electric Co. http://www.funaiusa.com Drivers
Gallant http://www.gallantcom.com Drivers
Goldstar http://www.lgservice.com Drivers
H45 Technologies http://www.h45.com Drivers
Hewlett Packard (HP) http://www.hp.com Drivers
HI-Val http://www.hival.com Drivers
Hitachi http://www.hitachi.com Drivers
I/O Magic http://www.iomagic.com Drivers
IBM http://www.ibm.com Drivers
IMES http://www.imes.co.jp Drivers
JVC http://www.jvc.com Drivers
KingByte http://www.kingbyte.com Drivers
Kingston Technologies http://www.kingston.com Drivers
Leo Optics This company no longer exists. Drivers
LG http://www.lge.com.br Drivers
Lite-On Tech. http://www.liteonit.com.tw Drivers
Luminex http://www.luminex.com Drivers
Mad Dog http://www.mdmm.com Drivers
Magitronic This company no longer exists. Drivers(login)
Matsita http://panasonic.com Drivers
Matsushita http://www.mei.co.jp Drivers
Maxoptix http://www.maxoptix.com Drivers
MDI http://www.mdi.com Drivers
Memorex http://www.memorex.com Drivers
Micronet http://www.micronet.com.tw Drivers
Micropal http://www.micropalcorp.com Drivers
MicroSolutions This company no longer exists. Drivers (login)
Microsynergy http://idt-microsynergy.com Drivers
Microtest http://www.microtest.com Drivers
Mitsumi http://www.mitsumi.co.jp/english Drivers
Momitsu http://www.techadvice.com Drivers
Nakamichi http://www.nakamichiusa.com Drivers
NEC http://www.nectech.com Drivers
NewCom This company no longer exists. Drivers
Nimble Technology http://www.nimble.com Drivers
Ocean http://www.octek.com.hk Drivers
Onspec Electronics http://www.onspecinc.com Drivers
Optics Storage This company no longer exists. Drivers (login)
Optima Tech. http://www.optimatech.com Drivers
OptoRite http://www.optorite.com Drivers
Panasonic http://www.panasonic.com Drivers
Philips http://www.philips.com Drivers
Pinnacle Micro http://www.pinnaclemicro.com Drivers
Pioneer http://www.pioneerusa.com Drivers
Plasmon http://www.plasmon.com Drivers
Plextor http://www.plextor.com Drivers
Procom http://www.procom.com Drivers
Quick-Serv http://www.qs.com.tw Drivers
Ricoh http://www.ricoh.com Drivers
Samsung http://www.sec.samsung.co.kr Drivers
Sanyo http://www.torisan.co.jp Drivers
Smart and Friendly This company no longer exists. Drivers
Sony http://www.sonystyle.com Drivers
Sun Moon Star http://www.sunmoonstar.com Drivers
TAC Systems http://www.tacsys.com Drivers
Taiyo Yudan http://www.t-yuden.com Drivers
Teac http://www.teac.com Drivers
Torisan http://www.torisan.co.jp Drivers
Toshiba http://www.toshiba.com Drivers
Traxdata http://www.traxdata.com Drivers
Turtle Beach http://www.tbeach.com Drivers
Unitron http://www.unitron.com Drivers
US Drives This company no longer exists. Drivers (login)
US Sertek http://www.sertek.com.tw Drivers
Voyetra http://www.tbeach.com Drivers
Wearnes http://www.wpinet.com.sg Drivers
Yamaha http://www.yamaha.com Drivers

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