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Home » Drivers » Modem Drivers
  • For drivers listed with "(login)", use: login: drivers, password: all.
  • Drivers marked with an (*) means that this manufacturer does not produce modems; it only produces the modem chip. In this case you will need to download the drivers from the modem manufacturer website, not from the modem chip manufacturer website.

Manufacturer Website Drivers
3Com Drivers
3JTech Drivers
A-Trend (Helios) This company no longer exists.  
AboCom Drivers
Accton Drivers
Aceex Corp. Drivers
ActionMedia This company no longer exists. Drivers (login)
ActionTec Drivers
Adtran Inc. Drivers
Agere Systems Drivers
Agiler Drivers
Aiwa Drivers
Ambient Technologies
AmeGroup This manufacturer no longer exists. Drivers
Amjet Drivers
Ancor Datacomm Drivers
Apache Micro Peripherals Drivers
AOpen Drivers
Archtek Drivers
Ascend Communications Drivers
Askey International Corp. Drivers
Atlas Peripherals Drivers
AVM Drivers
Aztech Labs Drivers
Banksia Technology Drivers
Best Data Products Drivers
Billionton Drivers
Boca Research Drivers
Brooktrout Technology Drivers
BT Prologue This company no longer exists. Drivers (login)
BTC Drivers
CastleNet Technologies Drivers
Cardinal This company no longer exists. Drivers (login)
Cirrus Logic
CIS This manufacturer no longer exists. Drivers
COM One Telecommunication Drivers
Compaq Drivers
Compro Drivers
Conexant Drivers
Creative Labs Drivers
Creatix Drivers
Crystal Semiconductor
D-Link Systems Drivers
Dataflex Drivers
Dataflex Design Drivers
DatronTech Drivers
Davicom Drivers
Diamond Drivers
Digicom Drivers
Digicom Systems Inc Drivers
Dr. Neuhaus Drivers
Duxbury Drivers
Dynalink Modems Drivers
EagleTec Peripheral Drivers
Echo Communications Drivers
Eicon Technology Corporation Drivers
Eiger Labs This company no longer exists. Drivers (login)
ELSA Inc. Drivers
Epson Drivers
ESS Technologies Drivers
EuroTech Drivers
EXP Computer Inc. Drivers
ExpertTronics Drivers
FIC Drivers
Fida International (Prolink) Drivers
Formosa (FIC) Drivers
Gateway 2000 Drivers
Genius Drivers
Global Village Drivers
Grey Cell Drivers
GVC Drivers
Harmony Drivers
Hayes Drivers
Hayes Microcomputer Products Drivers
Hornet Drivers
HSP Drivers
I/O Magic Drivers
IBM Drivers
Intel Drivers
Intertex Drivers
Jaton Corp Drivers
Jccom This company no longer exists. Drivers (login)
Jet Way Drivers
Kingmax Drivers
Kingston Drivers
KTX Drivers
LASAT Drivers
Linksys Drivers
Lucent Technologies Drivers
Maestro Drivers
Maxtech Drivers
Micom HSP PCTel http://www.users.zetnet Drivers
Micronet Drivers
Milgo Solutions Drivers
MiroConnect Drivers
Modular Tech Drivers
Moreton Bay Drivers
Motorola Drivers
MRi (Mr. Modem) Drivers
Multi-Tech Drivers
Netcomm Drivers
NetoDragon Drivers
NewCom Drivers
Nimble Technology Drivers
Olicom Drivers
Olitec Drivers
Option Int. Drivers
Ositech Drivers
Pace Drivers
Paradyne Drivers
PC-Tel Drivers
Philips Drivers
Phoebe Micro Drivers
Pine Group Drivers
Powercomm Drivers
Pretec Drivers
Protac (WebExcel) Drivers
Psion Dacom Drivers
Puredata Drivers
Puretek Drivers
Quadrant Drivers
Racal Interlan Drivers
Rockwell (*)
Sedlbauer Drivers
Shiva Drivers
Sierra Wireless Drivers
Silicom Multimedia This company no longer exists.  
Simple Tech. Drivers
Spellcaster Drivers
Supra Drivers
Taicom Drivers
Tashika Drivers
TCE Drivers
TDK Systems Drivers
TNC This company no longer exists. Drivers (login)
Trendnet Drivers
Trellis Drivers
Trust Drivers
USRobotics Drivers
US Sertek Drivers
Viking Components Drivers
ViVa This company no longer exists. Drivers (login)
WebExel Drivers
Well This company no longer exists. Drivers (login)
Winic Corp Drivers
X-Link Drivers
Xircom Drivers
Zoltrix Drivers
Zoom Drivers
Zyxel Drivers

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