Data Recovery

Recovering Hard Disks with Bad Blocks

Learn how to remove "bad blocks" from hard disks.

Deciphering the BIOS Serial Number

Learn how to decode the BIOS serial number and find out informations like the motherboard manufacturer, chipset and BIOS date.

Testing Your Computer Security

Learn how to test your PC or your network for security breaches.

BTX Motherboards

Learn about the new BTX form factor.

How to Transform an Athlon XP into an Athlon MP

With a small modification on the body of the Athlon XP CPU you can transform it into an Athlon MP processor.

Alternative Graphic Chips

Ok, NVIDIA and ATI are the biggest players at the VGA chip market. But how about the other companies like XGI, S3 and Matrox?

Who Are the Biggest Board Manufacturers?

Some data about the motherboard market.

Activating the Hyper-Threading Technology

See how to enable the HyperThreading technology on your PC.


Everything you need to know about grounding and how to correctly setup a grounding system for your PC.

ITX Motherboards

Learn about the ITX form factor, introduced by VIA.