In 2008, designer Artemy Lebedev presented the Optimus Maximus keyboard that features a tiny OLED screen on each key. The device can customize every single one of the 113 keys with colored images representing applications and functions. It costs a steep price of USD 1,500; therefore it is beyond the reach of us mere mortals. Inspired by the Optimus Maximus, OCZ is releasing a cheaper option with the Sabre gaming keyboard that features nine monochromatic (amber) customizable OLED keys. It costs about USD 125 which means you won’t leave the store wearing a barrel for clothing.

Sabre keyboardFigure 1: The Sabre keyboard.

The OLED technology bears explaining: it’s an acronym for organic light-emitting diode; unlike LCD, whose pixels require a backlight layer, OLED pixels provide their own light. The technology is behind the nine (rather large) keys on the left side of the keyboard which can be configured to display application icons, digital images or text. This allows for immediate recognition; instead of having to memorize that the “G5”key, for instance, launches Photoshop, the user just need a quick glance to the key bearing the icon. We usually use a Logitech G15 (reviewed here) and always end up hitting the wrong function key due to forgetfulness.

Sabre keyboardFigure 2: The customizable OLED keys.

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