OCZ Elixir Keyboard Review


Known for its memory modules, OCZ is gradually entering the gaming market niche with products like the Equalizer mouse (which we already tested). Now they’ve released their first gaming keyboard, the Elixir, part of their Alchemy gaming oriented line. At first glance, it resembles the Razer Tarantula keyboard (which we haven’t tested yet but know from Razer’s catalog). Let’s see how well OCZ fared following Razer’s lead.

OCZ Elixir Keyboard ReviewFigure 1: The Elixir keyboard.

Author: André Gordirro

A self-assumed gadget-freak and an avid gamer, André Gordirro has written about pop culture, Internet and technology for the past ten years. He works for SET Magazine, Brazil's biggest movie magazine, and usually contributes to its technology section writing about consumer products. His body lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – although his mind is said to inhabit cyberspace.

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