Every time we get a mouse to test some of our friends ask: “and is it big?” We begin to realize that not only the left-handed gamers get overlooked but also the big fellows out there. Those who have large hands have to struggle with tiny mice. To cater to these users OCZ is releasing the Behemoth, a gaming-grade mouse that has all the bells and whistles of the market – adjustable weight, function buttons, individual profiles, high precision – plus a bigger body size.

Behemoth mouseFigure 1: The Behemoth

The bigger shape features also two extra grooves for the ring and pinky fingers to rest more comfortably. In the upper body you find the scroll wheel (that doesn’t light up), the dpi switching button, and the back/forward button near the big thumb groove. On the underside you can see the laser cannon, some routes for the cloth sleeved cable, the profile selection button, five Teflon feet and the weighting system. It has five weights at 4.5 grams each, reaching a maximum weight of 22.5 grams. The cable routing is a great feature by which the user can route the cord out the sides according to taste. Of course it’s not a revolutionary feature but it’s still a nice touch.

Behemoth mouseFigure 2: The underside.

The traditional buttons and scroll wheel felt good during work or gameplay, and the size and shape – alongside the rubber coating – allowed for a better and ergonomic grip. If you have a small hand it’s like going from a single bed to a king size bed. The only gripe we had was with the side button – to hard to press and somewhat high for a small-sized thumb. OCZ should have made it easier to reach and more sensitive; it represented a problem during our test.

Behemoth mouseFigure 3: Size comparision with the OCZ Equalizer.

A self-assumed gadget-freak and an avid gamer, André Gordirro has written about pop culture, Internet and technology for the past ten years. He works for SET Magazine, Brazil’s biggest movie magazine, and usually contributes to its technology section writing about consumer products. His body lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – although his mind is said to inhabit cyberspace.