Rogue from NZXT is a hybrid steel/aluminum small form factor case targeted to gamers, but we do believe that regular users may be interested in building a PC using this case due to its compact size and high quality.

Even though it only accepts microATX motherboards due to its reduced size, the positioning of the internal bays allows you to install high-end video cards up to 11 ½” (29 cm) long. Other features make this a good choice for gamers: its compact size makes it easier to carry the computer around; very robust construction; aluminum parts that help reducing the weight; support for five 120 mm fans; and the carrying strap that comes with the product.

NZXT Rogue is available in two choices of color (black or silver) and two choices of color for the rear fan and front panel LED’s (red or blue). We reviewed the black version.

NZXT Rogue Case Figure 1: NZXT Rogue case.

NZXT Rogue CaseFigure 2: NZXT Rogue case.

As you can see, this case has a thick aluminum door. In Figure 3, you can see the case with its door opened. The front panel uses an even thicker aluminum sheet and there you will find two 5.25” external bays and one 3.5” external bay.

NZXT Rogue CaseFigure 3: Case with its door opened.

In Figure 4, you can see the connectors available on the front of the case. The good news is that you can access them even with the door closed. The two USB ports, however, are too close to each other, preventing you from installing two “fat” USB devices at the same time. There is an eSATA port, which is terrific, but no FireWire port.

NZXT Rogue CaseFigure 4: Front connectors.


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