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NZXT Respire T40 CPU Cooler Review


The NZXT Respire T40

Figure 4 illustrates the front of the heatsink, where the 120 mm fan goes.

NZXT Respire T40Figure 4: Front view

Figure 5 reveals the side of the cooler, where you can see that the heatpipes have no gap between them.

NZXT Respire T40Figure 5: Side view

Figure 6 unveils the rear side of the cooler. You can see the “step” between the sides of the fins.

NZXT Respire T40Figure 6: Rear view

In Figure 7, you can see the top of the cooler, where the tips of the heatpipes are visible.

NZXT Respire T40Figure 7: Top view