Panzerbox is an all-aluminum case with removable motherboard tray and two huge 190 mm fans from NZXT. Let’s see if this is really a good case.

The first thing we noticed about this case was that it is wider than normal.  This is due to the unconventional position NZXT put the power supply. The wider body also allowed the use of 190 mm fans on the top and front panels.

NZXT Panzerbox Case Figure 1: NZXT Panzerbox case.

NZXT Panzerbox CaseFigure 2: NZXT Panzerbox case.

Panzerbox has only three 5.25” bays and they are not meshed. On the other hand, the portion of the front panel where the fan is attached is completely meshed, so is the top panel. One terrific thing about the two 190 mm fans from Panzerbox is that their blades really measure 190 mm. Some cases carry 200-mm and 230 mm fans that are actually 190 mm fans with a bigger frame. This fan has both the standard peripheral power connector and the small three-pin power connector, so you can install it directly on the power supply or on the motherboard, where you can monitor its speed. According to NZXT each 190 mm fan can provide 150 cfm of airflow, but they don’t say anything about speed.

NZXT Panzerbox Case Figure 3: Front panel.


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