NZXT has just released a new mid-tower case, Hades, featuring a three-channel digital thermometer and lots of fans. Let’s see if this product is a good buy.

Hades belongs to NZXT’s Crafted Series, the same series from Lexa S, Tempest, Tempest EVO and Zero 2, cases that we’ve already reviewed.

NZXT Hades caseFigure 1: NZXT Hades case.

NZXT Hades caseFigure 2: NZXT Hades case.

As you can see from the pictures, Hades has a small mesh on both side panels for air intake, and a big mesh that has a big 200-mm fan attached to it on the left panel. This fan uses 190 mm blades, so it actually has the same performance of some 230 mm fans that also use 190 mm blades. No detailed technical specs are provided by the manufacturer. This fan uses a small three-pin connector for you to install it directly on your motherboard, but the case comes with an adapter to be used if you wish to connect this fan directly on the power supply.

Hades comes with a front door, which is all meshed to improve airflow. On the top part of this door we have the main highlight from this case, its digital thermometer. This thermometer is capable of monitoring three different points from your system through the three thermal sensors that come attached to it. The three temperatures are displayed at the same time, in red. The temperature can be read in either Celsius or Fahrenheit and you can switch the system through a switch found on the back of the door.

NZXT Hades caseFigure 3: Front door.

NZXT Hades caseFigure 4: Digital thermometer in action.

The door is locked using a strong magnetic mechanism. The door, however, doesn’t open more than 90°.

With the door open you can see that this case has four external 5.25” bays, using meshed covers with air filters behind them – no external 3.5” bay is provided. On the lower section there is another 200-mm fan (190 mm blades) that glows in red when turned on (again no detailed specifications are available), with an air filter in front of it. Another highlight from Hades is the presence of two fan speed controllers. The controller marked with “I” controls the speed of the front fan and the controller marked with “II” controls the speed of the rear and top fans.

NZXT Hades caseFigure 5: Front panel.

NZXT Hades caseFigure 6: Fan speed controllers.


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