NZXT has just released another inexpensive mid-tower case, Gamma, which is based on the same internal body as M59 and Lexa S and priced at only USD 50, being cheaper than these other two cases. Is it a good case? Let’s see.

The first thing we notice was that this is a very light case, weighting only 11.5 lbs (5.2 Kg), which is half of the weight of mid-tower cases we usually review.

NZXT Gamma caseFigure 1: NZXT Gamma case.

NZXT Gamma caseFigure 2: NZXT Gamma case.

As mentioned, internally Gamma is identical to M59 and Lexa S, but externally these cases are quite different: both M59 and Lexa S feature a transparent side window (using a dark acrylic) with a 120 mm fan, while on Gamma the left panel is meshed supporting two 80-, 92- or 120 mm fans, which don’t come with the product.

NZXT Gamma caseFigure 3: Left panel.

The front panel of Gamma somewhat resembles the front panel from M59, but it doesn’t have the trim around the upper 5.25” bays that glow blue when the PC is turned on. On the other hand it has a transparent “line” on the lower section that glows blue when the PC is on.

Like other mid-tower cases from NZXT we have reviewed recently, Gamma has four 5.25” bays featuring meshed covers with dust filters. No external 3.5” bay is available.

NZXT Gamma caseFigure 4: Front panel.

This case comes with two USB ports, which are too close to each other and thus can prevent you from installing two “fat” USB devices at the same time, and one eSATA port, which is a really nice addition and a feature not usually found on cases from this price range.


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