NZXT is surely getting a good reputation in bringing to the market inexpensive cases with lots of features only seen on more expensive models. The original Beta, for example, costs only USD 50, with the new Beta EVO costing USD 60. Let’s see what are the differences between the two.

The first thing we notice was that this is a very light case, weighting only 12.5 lbs (5.6 Kg), which is half of the weight of mid-tower cases we usually review.

The lower weight and lower price is achieved by using a lower-grade plastic front panel and by including only one fan with the case, although Beta EVO presents five spots for installing 120 mm fans.

The overall looks from Beta EVO is identical to the looks from the original Beta.

NZXT Beta EVO caseFigure 1: NZXT Beta EVO case.

NZXT Beta EVO caseFigure 2: NZXT Beta EVO case.

As you can see in Figure 2, the left side panel has two meshes where you can install side 120 mm fans.

The front panel does not have a door. All bay covers are meshed to improve ventilation inside the case, and they all feature dust filters. This case has four external 5.25” bays and although an external 3.5” bay is available in the chassis, the front panel does not have the proper hole for installing external 3.5” devices.

NZXT Beta EVO caseFigure 3: Front panel.

The only fan that comes with Beta is located on its front panel and can be seen in Figure 4. It is a 120 mm model and it comes with a standard peripheral power plug and a three-pin power connector at the same time, so you can either install it directly on the power supply or on the motherboard (in order to monitor its speed). NZXT does not say the speed, airflow or noise level from this fan.

NZXT Beta EVO caseFigure 4: Front fan.

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