Configuring the Avatar

The Avatar comes with a very comprehensive application in mini CD. The software features three panels. The first one, "Advanced Functions", allows the user to configure seven different buttons (from the side buttons to the scroll wheel) and features the DPI switcher, from 600, 1,200, 1,800 and 2,600 dpi. The user can also record macros – programming a sequence of keys to respond to a single button stroke – that can save up to 20 keystrokes to a single button.

NZXT Avatar Gaming Mouse Review Figure 3: Advanced functions.

The “Sensitivity” panel regulates pointer speed and X/Y axis master sensitivity. Finally, the “Advance Settings” panel has the same features as the Windows mouse configuration panel, where you can set up the scroll wheel and clicking speed.

NZXT Avatar Gaming Mouse Review Figure 4: Sensitivity.

NZXT Avatar Gaming Mouse Review Figure 5: Advanced settings.

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