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Tesla S870

Tesla S870 – where the “S” standard for “Server” – is a 1U rack-mount server case containing four C870 cards. So this product is targeted to be connected to servers. On Figures 4 and 5 you can see a Tesla S870 opened.

NVIDIA Tesla S870Figure 4: Tesla S870, which contains four C870 cards.

NVIDIA Tesla S870Figure 5: Tesla S870 from another angle.

Tesla S870 is connected to a server through a cable, which is basically a PCI Express extension. In Figure 6, you can see the connector available on S870 for its connection to a server and on Figures 7 and 8 you can see the PCI Express card that is installed on the server

NVIDIA Tesla S870Figure 6: Tesla S870 connector.

NVIDIA Tesla S870Figure 7: This is the card that goes inside the server.

NVIDIA Tesla S870Figure 8: A closer look at the connector.

In Figure 9, you can see the cable used to connect Tesla S870 to a server.

NVIDIA Tesla S870Figure 9: This is the cable used to connect Tesla S870 to a server.