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Deepcool Launches Notebook Cooler with Speaker System
Author: Cássio LimaDate: March 18, 2013 - 7:52 AM PST
Category: Cooling
More Info: http://www.deepcoolglobal.com/Product/M6/Design/

Deepcool has launched the M6, a new high-end gaming notebook cooler with 2.1 speaker system. With a stunning gaming appearance design and high quality stereo system, the M6 is made for enthusiastic game lovers.

The front end is designed in a triangular shape with a lean edge, just like a sports car illustrates aerodynamics to the maximum. The sleek design also features the silver-red side windows and fully covered black metal mesh at the top.

Built-in 2.1 speaker system owns 2 tweeters on both sides and 1 woofer in the middle. The speaker cavity inside M6 is extended to the maximum to give you the most auditory pleasure when gaming. With a built-in 140 mm fan, the M6 can cool down your gaming laptop and you can indulge yourself as long as you wish. If you want to rest after playing, you can turn down the fan speed with the control knob.

The M6 is also equipped with one USB 2.0 input port and four output ports for your additional external USB devices. With a standard 3.5” audio jack, you can easily swap between your gaming headset and M6 gaming speakers. If you plug in too many high current consumption devices, just add on a 5V AC/DC adapter to this power engine through the built-in Micro USB input.

The suggested retail price of this gaming cooler is USD 50.

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