The Front Panel

The front panel of the Moneual MonCaso Sonamu G100 has only one external 5.25” bay, as is the norm with small form factor products. This bay supports standard-sized optical drives, which some users may think is an advantage over SFF cases that only supports slim optical drives. The front of the 5.25” bay is hidden by a cover that opens when you eject the tray of your optical drive.

Moneual MonCaso Sonamu G100 caseFigure 4: Front panel

This case has a big “Green Mode” button that, when pressed, makes your computer enter the “Sleep Mode.” In this mode, all components are turned off to save energy, and when you exit this mode your operating system and programs will be exactly the way you left them.

Moneual MonCaso Sonamu G100 caseFigure 5: Green mode button

The main highlight of this case is the presence of an on/off switch that removes the power supply from the power grid when your computer is turned off, making your computer consume zero power. When your computer is turned off, the power supply is in standby mode, consuming energy. (Read our article, How Much Power Do Electronic Equipment Consume When in Standby Mode? for more information.) This is far from being a new idea; some power supplies have an on/off switch for this. What is different on this case is the presence of an AC outlet at the rear panel that is also turned off when you use the switch, so you can use this outlet to connect all your external equipment such as monitor, speakers, and printer. This way you will make not only your computer consume zero power, but all your peripherals as well.

The MonCaso Sonamu G100 has two USB 2.0 ports, one memory card reader supporting the SD and MMC formats, and the traditional audio jacks.

Moneual MonCaso Sonamu G100 caseFigure 6: Buttons and connectors


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